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Site Hosting

If I develop and build your site, I also have the capability to host it for you. I have dual web and database servers and a decent connection. If you're going to get 100,000 hits a day or something like that, we'll probably have to look at some other alternatives.

I can provide site hosting and email services at a comparable price to any other company. By hosting your site, I can also provide server maintenance functions, utilize special plug-ins, and make changes if need be without depending on FTP and other services. I use Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers with SQL Server as my database backend. Of course, you will have the ability to FTP to your files if you need to - I've just found that most people don't like to do that stuff or really don't have time.... That's why I'm here.

What is a domain and How do I get one?

A domain is a placeholder on the web or something like a phone number that people use to contact you. You can get a domain from Network Solutions or various other companies. They cost about $20 a year or so. If you prefer, I can get do all that stuff for you as well.

What if I alreday have a Domain?

If you already have a domain and you want me to host your site, you will have to transfer your DNS nameservers to my DNS nameservers. I use ZoneEdit to handle my DNS and my current nameservers are:
. Nameserver 1: (
   . Nameserver 2: (
(Please contact me before making this change.)
You will have to make this change to at Network Solutions or where you purchased your domain.

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