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About JSK Design

I've been working with computers in one capacity or another for about 20 years. I feel that my strength lies in creating dynamic applications that provides good work flow and a nice feel.  I'm not only a developer,  I also have a background in Finance.  This gives me a little advantage over other developers with just a Compter Science degree because most of them only know how to develop applications and don't necessarily know about business.  I believe that I have a great understanding of Business Processes - And what is a good program; One that improves your business process by automating tasks using a compter system, right? 

Once I learn what kind of appliction you're looking for, I feel that we can work together to get a final product that you feel comfortable with. This kind of follows my philophosy of the "critique and tweak" application. Meaning, that I want you to work with the application as I build it for you and you tell me what you like and what you don't like. And I will tweak it until you are happy with it.

Besides being a developer, I also love me some bass ;-) I love to get down and groove (I actually went to school for music..) Crazy how things work out, huh? So if you're interested in playing some jazz, funk, blues, R&B or some acid jazz and you're in the Nothern Virginia area, look me up and we can get funky. Especailly if you're a horn player or soloist of some sort. We're always looking for good soloists for our band.

>> I'd love to help you out with any kind of web, database or audio project - Or just contact me to talk about some of your ideas that you need help with when it comes to the real geeky development stuff. Please fill out the Project Questionnaire to give me an idea of what you're looking for. This page is really kinda corporate, but it does give me some good information and it might help you think of something you might not have thought of before.

Contact Me:
J Scott King: President
mobile: 703-474-2734

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